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" Just inside the village [of Riverside-Albert] is Joie de Vivre Gallery, an old house painted a warm bright yellow... . Inside it's warm and cool at the same time. Sunlight seeps in the infinite number of windows and fills the space with a soft glow. "

Janet Mlodecki, Times & Transcript

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" The landscape is not simply a space that fills the camera viewfinder; or a set of patterns of measured co-ordinates on a map; or a vista compressed onto the format of a painting canvas. It's a site of imagining; of reality; and of memory and experience."

Christina Sabat, The Daily Gleaner

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" The image making concern of artist Lynne Saintonge is poised between the realm of the visual and the written.
 Hers is a persistent and ongoing investigation into ways of weaving threads of word meanings into the very fabric of paintings -- interlocking within the layered densities of painterly surfaces, textures, colors and patterns, elements of language that encode human civilization. "

Christina Sabat, The Daily Gleaner

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