Last month a much loved member of our arts community died. Elaine Amyot was a visual artist, writer, and active member of the local community for many years.

We first met Elaine when we had our art gallery, Joie de Vivre - contemporary art & craft, and we represented her for several years. Besides showing new work at the gallery every season, she also had a solo show with us, The Golden Bees in 1998, and participated in numerous group exhibitions at the gallery.

She and her husband, poet/writer Ed Lemond, would always attend openings and Elaine loved to meet new people and discuss art and life with them. She was witty, very well read, and always attentive to others which made her very engaging.

This group photo is from 2002 when our gallery presented ‘Re-Creating Paradise, 5 artist/gardeners, 5 femmes - leurs jardins, leur art’ which I curated. Elaine was one of the artists who participated in the show and this photo brings back lovely memories of a special summer day.

From left to right: Patricia Campbell (who had a solo show ‘Nullipara’ with us that year which opened on the same day), Karin Bach, myself, Audrey Côté St-Onge, and Elaine Amyot. Elizabeth Fasken who also participated in the show was not with us that day.

In 2003, I interviewed Elaine about her art and life.  She was in great form that day and her conversation was both so witty and profound.

Here's the interview, I can still hear our laughter when I read it.

Thank you for being such a special and vibrant part of the community dear Elaine, your spirit lives in all our hearts.