Recently I documented a new piece I was working on through all its stages of development. From the awkward, energetic, and raw beginnings through the chaotic middle phases, and finally the resolution of the work.

Each painting is its own journey. I hope you enjoy seeing part of the process of this one. The finished work, 'The Dreamer and the Dream', is part of my ongoing Sleep Cycles series. 



This painting,"Summer Nights, August', is the piece which became the seed for the whole Sleep Cycles series. Several months later it was also the starting point for the painting documented here.

The very early raw stages. Dark wash pencil on heavy watercolour paper which is mounted to prepared board. A wonderful surface to work on.

I've got the brushes out now and water is added to the dark wash, as well as some acrylic colour.

Starting to add more colour and form.


While working, I keep rotating the piece so the final composition isn't established too soon. It can become quite chaotic, but I also love the feeling of not knowing for certain where it's going yet. It requires openess and willingness to take risks and follow through. 



At this point I decided on the final composition but still had a way to go before the work was finished. It's tricky not to overwork the painting at this stage.

And here's the finished piece, several layers and sessions later: 'The Dreamer and the Dream'. Now available on my site.